How it works.

Manchester CrimeLine relies on cooperation between the police, the media, and the general community to provide a flow of information about crime and criminals.  Citizens are encouraged to contact Manchester CrimeLine at 603-624-4040 with information regarding criminal activity. ALL CALLERS REMAIN ANONYMOUS. Any information that leads to the arrest and indictment of criminals is eligible for a cash reward from CrimeLine. 


The phone call.

Calls are received at the Manchester CrimeLine phone. This phone is a stand alone instrument which does not provide caller ID, and conversations are not recorded. The CrimeLine Coordinator completes the tip information form, makes initial inquiries and then passes the information to the investigating division. By guaranteeing a caller`s anonymity, CrimeLine allows the caller to give information in a positive atmosphere without the prospect of retribution.


The online web tip.

Tipsters now have the option of giving us tips online. The process is completely secure and anonymous and is a very effective and efficient means of safely communicating in today's world. The unique integrated two-way dialog capabilities allow the tipster to come back and provide additional information, but also provides a secure means for the coordinator to ask questions or provide reward information through the same secure and encrypted interface. Submit a tip now.


Tracking your tip.

After the caller provides information regarding criminal activity the coordinator will give the caller an identification number to maintain anonymity, the caller must use this number for any future correspondence with the coordinator regarding the progress of the tip, and to claim awards. When information provided leads to the arrest and indictment of a criminal, the caller is responsible for contacting the coordinator to check the status of the case through this website. Track your tip now.


Tipsters may also call the CrimeLine tipline
(603-624-4040) for more information.